About Us


  • We are open all year round from 8am.
  • Hotel rooms cost from $130.00 Eastern Caribbean dollars (EC) to $150 EC, ($50-$65 US)
  • Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
  • Full Cocktail Bar.
  • Continental Breakfast $17.50 EC, $7 US
  • Full English Breakfast $28.00 EC, $11 US
  • Lunch from $25 EC, $10 US
  • Dinner, main courses from, $28 EC-$90 EC, $12 US-$35 US
  • We specialise in Caribbean cooking.
  • All our fish and lobster (in season) are caught locally, thus ‘straight from the sea’ fresh.
  • We have a small boutique with t shirts, pirate souvenirs, local crafts, books etc.
  • We accept most major credit cards and US Dollars, other foreign currencies at reasonable rates.
  • Free unlimited wireless internet with any purchase.¬† Ask at the bar for the access code and surf away!
  • Charge up your lap top/cell phone/digital camera no charge! We have a range of adaptors/extension cords for plugging up devices, feel free to sit in the bar or restaurant and use your laptops.

For Yachters we provide the following services:

  • Our moorings are $25 EC ($10 US) per night , please make sure your receive¬†an official receipt from the restaurant.
  • We sell water from a hose on the dock at .30 cents per gallon. We have a meter, just come in and let us know when you are ready to fill your tank.
  • We sell ice by the bag.
  • We offer free showers and free garbage disposal.
  • We can also arrange land and boat tours or scuba diving at your request.
  • Filling of diving tanks available on site.