Snorkelling and Diving

Smallmouth grunt at Wallilabou

Smallmouth grunt, commonly found in small schools in most areas around coral.

Wallilabou Bay is a fantastic place for snorkelling and scuba diving.

We have an easy accessible beach right next to the restaurant (to the south) which merits a coral reef adjacent to the shore.

Here you will see an abundance of tropical fish, hard and soft coral, sea anemones and sea urchins just to name a few!

Spotted moray eel at Wallilabou

Spotted moray eel: normally seen with it's head protruding from a hole or recess, often with mouth agape.

For your information:

The water temperature is 30 degrees c or 86 degrees f.

At 120 feet or 40 metres it drops to 29 degreesĀ  c or 84 degrees f!

It is warm enough to scuba dive without using a wet or dry suit.

Visibility : 60 feet + (20 metres).

Hire of bottles and air-fills by arrangement.

We have snorkels and masks for hire.